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Searching through the store, it would be nice to be able to exclude products I have already purchased, as well as those I don't need.
i.e. I have PDFpro2, ZIPpro3 and Multimedia bundle.
I don't need to see PDFpro, PDFfree, ZIPpro, ZIPproFree, ZIPportable, Snap12, SlideshowStudio4, PhotoOptimizer8 or PhotoOptimizer2020 as being available to me in the store.


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I think I have all the ones that have functions I will use already lol, there are some redundancies when you get the whole collection and I'm not sure if I should could the ones that are not shampoo branded towards my completion score, like the ones that have specific effects for videos. Sound an awful lot like the functions of video optimizer and the movie studio one.

If this was all just one big application that you could just go from function to function like a buffet without having to really move the work itself, it would be the voltron of softwares.